Benguet Native Pig

Benguet Native Pig

Location: The Animal Genetic Resource Project
Benguet State University
La Trinidad, Benguet
Contact Person: Dr. Sonwright B. Maddul
Contact at 0929 316 3996 / 0916 364 2039


The Benguet Native Pig is a product of the PCAARRD-funded multi-agency R&D project, "Conservation, Improvement, and Profitable Utilization of the Philippine Native Pigs", which was first implemented in 2014. Benguet State University, being one of the cooperating stations, envisioned to establish a breeding true-to-type native pig population in the Cordillera Administrative Region.
Breeders were selected from different municipalities in Benguet on the following criteria: solid black coat, small erect ears, cylindrical snout, and straight tail. Number of teats, back and feet conformation and body length are secondary traits for selection. Using the natural method of breeding a series of mating was done until a true-to-type black pig was produced. The mature Benguet Native Pig has solid black coat, dense hair, erect ears, straight back, and at least six pairs of teats. A dense mane/coat with brown hair maybe present along the poll towards the lumbar area.


Both male and female Benguet native pigs have straight and long hair type, solid black color, smooth skin type, and erect ears. They have straight head shape, tail, and backline. The males have an average of 12 teats, while females have 11.
Straight and Long Hair | Plain Black Coat | Straight Head | Smooth Skin | Erect Ears | Straight Tail | Straight Backline
Body Weight at 240 Days, kg
38.20 ± 11.21
Head Length, cm
21.60 ± 1.36
Body Length, cm
67.00 ± 9.21
Pelvic Width, cm
15.00 ± 2.10
Number of Normal Teats
11.40 ± 0.80
*data as of March, 2019

Reproductive Performance

Benguet Native Pig sow farrow 8 piglets, weighing 0.77 kilogram on average. The average weaning weight is 4.9 kilograms at 60 days of age.
Birth Weight, kg
0.77 ± 0.12
Littersize at Birth
8.17 ± 3.24
Number of Males
4.17 ± 2.21
Number of Females
3.13 ± 1.52
Weaning Weight, kg
4.90 ± 1.80
Age at Weaning, days
59.59 ± 10.40
*data as of March, 2019