Benguet Native Pig


Location: Bureau of Animal Industry - National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center
Lagalag, Tiaong, Quezon
Contact Person: Rico M. Panaligan
Contact at (042) 585 7727 / 0997 693 2766 or bai_nsprdc@yahoo.com


The foundation stocks for the Q-Black breed is made up of three (3) junior boars and twelve (12) gilts acquired in 2014 from the municipalities of San Francisco, Mulanay, and San Andres in Bundok Peninsula of Quezon Province. The stocks are part of the Philippine Native Animal Development Program initiative on the conservation of native pigs implemented by BAI-NSPRDC, Tiaong, Quezon.
Also in 2014, the DOST-PCAARRD funded project "Selection and Purification of Quezon Strain of Native Pigs" was initiated. A total of 30 heads of male and female weaners were selected from the offspring of the foundation stocks. These weaners were subjected to performance testing. The initial characteristics of Quezon Strain acquired at Bundok Peninsula were plain black with smooth skin and straight backline, semi-lop ear and an average mature weight of 76 kilograms. Formerly, the Quezon strain native pig was called "Bondoc Peninsula". The project agreed to change the trade name to Q-Black (Quezon Black) Native Pig.


Both male and female Q-Black native pigs have straight hair type, plain black coat, and smooth skin type. They have straight head shape, tail type, and backline. Their ears are semi-lop.
On average, the mature pig grows to 77 centimeters in length for males and 79 centimeters for females, with head length of 24 centimeters for both males and females.

Pelvic width is 22 centimters for females. The average number of teats are 12 for both males and females.
Straight Hair | Plain Black Coat | Straight Head | Smooth Skin | Semi-lop Ears | Straight Tail | Straight Backline
Body Weight at 180 Days, kg
36.86 ± 5.68
31.24 ± 1.81
Head Length, cm
24.38 ± 1.32
24.31 ± 6.24
Body Length, cm
77.19 ± 5.67
79.27 ± 11.18
Pelvic Width, cm
31.33 ± 7.48
22.18 ± 2.61
Number of Normal Teats
12.00 ± 1.60
11.46 ± 0.37
*data as of March, 2019

Reproductive Performance

The Q-Black sows farrow 7 piglets, weighing 0.84 kilogram on average. The male and female piglets at birth are usually of the same number. The average weaning weight is 4.79 kilograms at 43-47 days old.
Birth Weight, kg
0.84 ± 0.05
Littersize at Birth
6.42 ± 1.72
Number of Males
3.02 ± 1.28
Number of Females
3.37 ± 1.51
Weaning Weight, kg
4.79 ± 0.79
Age at Weaning, days
45.21 ± 1.95
*data as of March, 2019