Benguet Native Pig


Location: Isabela State University
San Fabian, Echague, Isabela
Contact Person: Dr. Joel L. Reyes
Contact at 0917 362 5996 or


In 2013, researchers from ISU went around the far-flung barangays of Isabela province to purchase native pigs reared in the communities. These native pigs were then observed to be pure black in color with straight back, while some have white socks with swayed back. Majority, however, were pure black.
In 2016, the researchers decided to focus on selecting and purifying the pure black strain since most of the Isabela native pigs are pure black. Breeding and selection started with phenotypically pure black male and female animals with not less than 12 teats.
ISUbela native pig is the trade name which has been applied to the developed genetic group developed by the Isabela State University (ISU).


Both male and female ISUbela native pigs have straight and long hair type, plain black pattern and color, smooth skin type, and erect ears. They have straight head shape, tail type, and backline.
On average, the mature pig grows to 59 centimeters in length for males and 61 centimeters for females with pelvic width of 16 centimeters for males and 18 centimeters for females. Both males and females have and average of 12 teats.
Straight and Long Hair | Plain Black Coat | Straight Head | Smooth Skin | Erect Ears for Male and Erect or Semi-lop Ears for Female | Straight Tail | Straight Backline
Body Weight at 180 Days, kg
20.25 ± 3.37
20.78 ± 5.97
Body Length, cm
58.58 ± 7.12
60.76 ± 13.33
Pelvic Width, cm
15.83 ± 2.91
18.19 ± 3.59
Number of Normal Teats
12.33 ± 0.62
11.62 ± 1.33
*data as of March, 2019

Reproductive Performance

ISUbela sows farrow 8 piglets, weighing 0.77 kilogram on average. The male and female piglets at birth are usually of the same number. The average weaning weight is 3 kilograms at 34 days old.
Birth Weight, kg
0.77 ± 0.17
Littersize at Birth
7.70 ± 1.63
Number of Males
3.84 ± 1.32
Number of Females
3.86 ± 1.35
Weaning Weight, kg
3.02 ± 0.74
Age at Weaning, days
33.76 ± 4.66
*data as of March, 2019